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Historic Febrey-Lothrop House Demolition

If you have ever driven west on Wilson Blvd in Arlington towards seven corners, you probably have noticed a huge plot of land on the right at the corner of Wilson and N McKinley St. This is the historic Febrey-Lothrop House. This estate dates back to 1865 when John Febrey built a farmhouse on the property and famed the 26 acre property.

Over the years, the property has had some high profile visitors, lessors and owners like Howard Hughs (founder of TWA) and Audrey Meadows who had a starring role in Jackie Gleason’s “The Honey Mooners”.

In 1951 the property was bought by Randy Rouse, a local real estate developer and expert horseman for less than $125,000. Randy kept 9 acres for himself and built homes on the rest of the land which is now Dominion Hills.

So the questions now is…… Should the land be saved as a historical site? Or should it be developed?

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